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“6 SECRETS” any Garment Manufacturer must know to prevent delayed shipments and rejections !

    1. Ensure that your Shipment should never gets rejected due to Fabric Quality, Colour-Matching, Colour fastness and PH. (6 Secrets)

73% of international shipments get rejected due to Fabric related issues. Hence having your Fabric Tested becomes your Top Most priority.  Most of your Big Buyers will speak of their Favourite Commercial Lab and the mandatory Tests, in the very first deal, when you are starting business with them. These recommended Commercial Testing labs Sucks your money and Time.   Sending your sample for testing to a Commercial Lab will costs you from Rs. 10000 to 15,000 each lot, this causes most of the Garment Manufacturers to send only few samples for testing, and show the Reports.  But still Fear Factor prevails, until the Shipment gets cleared by QC Audits. To get confidence and surety, actually every lot must be tested.  And this will only be possible on the scale of economy, if you have an in House Testing Lab.  Every shipment, every lot testing means cutting certain amount from your Profits.  Don’t do that! Have your own testing lab!   Actually, it has been proved, that an In-house Testing lab pays for itself in the very first year!  Be wise, get confident in your products!

  1. Ensure Each & Every Process of your Shipment is executed as per your targeted Date & Time.  As Time is more precious than Money!

67% of International Shipments get delayed and LC stipulations cuts 20% of the Profits Instantly. Having your own In-house Lab becomes all the more important when you consider the Time element in every shipment.    Once the Fabric is procured for the shipment, the next thing is to get it tested on various Quality parameters.  This, in a commercial lab, will take about 10 to 14 days. Whereas if you have an in-house Lab, this testing can be done in half a day. This leaves you with 13 extra days of Time to execute shipment.  What can be better than this!

  1. Increase your Credibility in front of Your International Buyers!

Investing in a Well-planned, nicely Designed, Clean & appealing Testing Lab will help you in a big way to strengthen your credibility in front of your buyers. Increased Credibility converts to constant and regular flow of orders. Buyers also get the confidence to send you bigger and more value orders. Invest in a company which provides you assistance on planning, designing the best and the most suitable lab layout.

  1. Ensure your Investment contributes to your Future Growth!

Investing in an In-house Testing Lab will not only save your 97% of time but it also ensures that your investments goes a long way securing your future growth too.  As your production capacity grows, number of units grows, you would be moving further requiring new models (hi tech & latest Models) Testing machines.  An average life of a International Standard Testing Machine is 10-12 years and if your production capacity is increasing after every two to three years, it might be a challenge for you to match with your fast and unique growth with the old Testing Machines.  Also, your growth will move your Testing operations to a different scale and level. Invest in a company which offers the exclusive facility of taking back your old machines and can replace them with the latest models, by paying the difference amount.  This ensure that you reap benefits of your one time investment for decades to come.

  1. Ensure to get the Best Training for your Team – which can further ensure Repeatable and Accurate Results from your Testing Instruments!

Always purchase Testing Instruments from a company which, while setting your lab, has the resources to train your people well.  A company who can hold your hand and makes sure your people produce accurate results.  Also in the situation where your people have moved, they can again train the next lot.  As per best International practices Good organisations, keep on providing the new and upgraded trainings, as per International Standards at nominal charges.  Send your key people on such training regularly, to keep them abreast of latest happenings. Always remember to upgrade your people, if you want to reach to the next level in your business.

  1. Always ensure that your Testing Machines are duly calibrated to Produce Accurate Results!

Invest with a company who has all the resources to keep your machines in perfectly running conditions. Always get your Machines Checked by Authorised service Engineers of the company at least 3 -4 times a year, to ensure smooth running and proper calibration of the Machines. If the Calibration is out, the results will vary which may lead to the Rejections. Always make sure that after first year, you positively enter into AMC’s for your Machines to ensure Accurate and repeatable results and prolonged Life of the Machines.

Use these Secrets as keys to Prevent your Shipment delays and Rejections !

Jeet Kour
GM – Paramount Group

For Further Assistance Call @+91-9999 125 779

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