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10 Horrible Mistakes you are making with your Colour Matching Booth !

The Colour Matching Booths provides standardized and controlled environment for visual assessment of colours adhering to American/European norms.  As they offer immediate colour viewing in consistent, controllable lighting conditions hence they instantly remove problems caused by the variability of natural daylight and other variables.  It is suitable for all applications where there is a need to maintain colour consistency and quality. These Booths allows  the operator to evaluate colour samples under different light sources ( D65, CWF/TL-84, IncA, Warm White – TL83/U30, UV).  The use of Multiple Light Sources is the only way to detect METAMERISM – a phenomenon where samples appear to match under one Light Source but are distinctly different under another Light Source.

Colour Matching is one of the most VITAL functions in the Garment Export industry as any failure in this aspect will lead to Rejection  of the shipment which may result in big losses.  Hence the Colour Matching function should always be handled with utmost care.

Please never make the 10 Horrible mistakes, which I am discussing below, as they may cost you a fortune, if your shipment is Rejected on account of Colour Matching !

  1. Buying Light Booth from unreliable sources will result in Sample failures : Please always ensure that the Colour Matching Cabinet is purchased from a reliable company who can provide after sales service also. Otherwise due to multiple factors like Colour temperature of Lights, Lux levels of Lights, internal paint etc. the colour matching will be faulty and samples will be Rejected.

  2. Purchasing Local Lights will FAIL the samples : Purchasing Local tube lights will always result in Matching Failures as the Colour Temperature of the Lights, CRI Index, Lux levels will not be accurate or consistent.

  3. Not using 45 degree stand in Color Booth will Results in wrong matching :  The Sample needs to be matched under standard matching conditions.  The light should fall from 90 degrees from the Top and the person should view it from 45 degree angle.  If this is not followed, you may get erroneous matchings.

  4. Not getting the Colour Matching Booth Calibrated at regular intervals will FAIL Samples : Colour Matching Booths is a very Important instrument and its accuracy in the long run will depend on the proper maintenance of Light sources and internal environment.  Please do ensure that it is Calibrated at Regular intervals, preferably every six months, to get accurate results.

  5. Keeping the Color Booth Unclean will result in Sample Failures : Colour matching being  a sensitive instrument,  so even keeping it unclean,  will result in color matching variations.

  6. Conducting Colour Matching in Open, not in dark room, will result in mismatch :  The standard procedure of Sample Matching is that it needs to be performed in a Dark Room where there is no external light which may interfere with the matching decisions.   This is the reason that in a commercial testing lab, you will find colour matching testing is always done in a dark room.

  7. Getting Color matching Repaired locally will Result in imperfect matching : The Colour Matching should never be repaired by a normal electrician or by a local unauthorised vendor.  It is pertinent that the company which has supplied should do its repair and servicing.   It has so many variable which can effect its working like special Electronic Chokes which gives consistent voltage to the Bulbs to give repeatable Light temperature and lux levels.  Moreover to maintain the  CRI of the Lights the electronic circuitry and control should be repaired by the authorised vendor only, as it can adversely affect the matching capabilities of the Booth.

  8. Not using the correct colour Temperature bulbs will FAIL Samples : In a Colour Matching Booth various Light sources carry different Colour Temperatures like D 65 should have 6500K, TL 84 should have 4000K, U 35 light should have 3500K, Inc A should have 2850K etc.  These Temperature must be maintained for perfect colour matching else the results will vary greatly.

  9. Not maintaining the Lux levels at all 9 Points of Calibration will FAIL Samples : When the Colour matching Cabinet is Calibrated, it is duly checked on the consistency of Lux Levels at all 9 points inside the Booth. This is Important as the decrease in the Lux level will affect the Colour matching decisions adversely.

  10. The Box Color (Munsell N7, N5 or Grey Matt Emulsion 5574 ) must be adhered as per Standard norms to avoid Rejections : The inside of the Colour Matching Booth should always adhere to the specified Standards.  Munsell N7 for the American Standards and Grey Matt Emulsion 5574 as per BS/European Standards.  Non-adherence to this may result in Sample failings and excessive debits from Buyers.

Please always avoid the above TEN Mistakes so that you never have to face serious problem on account of Colour Matching !

Manjit Singh Saini
CEO & ED – Paramount Group
For Further Assistance Call @+91-9999 125 779
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