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Today Paramount is known to be the pioneer and leader in the field of textile testingparamount-management-team instrument technology, not only in India but in all of Asia.
The Paramount Group, being the pioneer and leader in its field, stands at the forefront of textile testing instrument technology in India.
This is a reality borne of a vision, one that can be traced back to its roots in 1964.This was when Mr. Swarn Singh Saini, our present MD, laid the foundation of Paramount, a company that began as a small unit serving the needs of the scientific community, supplying chemicals and lab requisites.

Since 1964, Paramount has flourished into a large group, comprising of diffrent companies, all engaged in a wide spectrum of activities. Today the group is recognized as the pioneer and leader in the manufacture of textile testing and inspection Equipment in India. We have strived to achieve quality excellence in products and services. And we have strived to widen our horizons even further, to encompass all of Asia in our scope. Now with ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate and our comprehensive TQSP facilities, we are poised to become the global leader in the manufacture of Textile Testing and inspection Equipment.


Each product that leaves our factories is thoroughly inspected and tested and comes along with an inspection and Conformance Certificate. Each piece of equipment is calibrated to national and international standards, and is supplied with a calibration certificate traceable to NPL.


PRODUCTION ARENAproduction-arena-paramount
Paramount's production facilities are equipped with the latest in cutting-edge technology. We incorporate some of the most up-to-date production methods. The three production units are spread out over a total of 22000 sq feet of area, and are located close to the Indian national capital.

Right now we enjoy a strategic location in our part of the globe, with engineering expertise available at the most competitive of rates. In a situation like this we can always offer you world-class products at the most economical rates.


Paramount is the first and only company in Asia to be awarded the ISO 9001: 2000 Certification by LRQA, UK. This means that all departments including design, R&D, manufacture, Q.C., Marketing, administration and after-sales service are regularly checked and assessed to ensure that we always provide you Quality Excellence in products and services. It is our utmost commitment to quality that has resulted in the 8100 installation of Paramount Testing instruments and over 900 complete Labs in India and abroad. The ISO 9001: 2000 is an endorsement of Paramount's reputation for quality excellence.

Paramount relies on its strong foundation in research and development to promise continued growth. Within the R&D walls are a core group of keen and intelligent brains, forever exploring new avenues for innovation and perfection. The Paramount Group research team is dedicated to achieving scientifically tangible goals, to device new products and to constantly improve the existing designs. To this end, the team has a sophisticated array of instruments including state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technologies to best achieve its targets.

TQSP (Total Quality Solution Provider)
With more than four decades of resourceful operations behind it, Paramount is today proud to be a Total Quality Solution Provider. Our TQSP programme not only gives you world - class instruments, but also the service and support that goes along with them. Starting from choosing the right instruments for you, to laboratory design service, to time-bound deliveries, to installations, to on-site demos, training, and instant technical assistance, to contractual maintenance, to providing calibration, instant spares and consumables etc. With TQSP we provide you with exhaustive support services which are all encompassing and which make you proud of being a Paramount client.

Marketing Scenario
Paramount is the leader and largest manufacture of Textile Testing Instruments in India. We operate through a network of dedicated and qualified agents at all major Indian textile centers. These include Ludhiana, Bhilwara, Jaipur, Calcutta, Ahmedabad, Surat, Mumbai, Bangalore, Tirupur, Salem, Chennai, Kanpur and Bhadohi. Paramount also happens to be the largest exporter of Textile Testing Instruments from India. Apart from its home base in India, Paramount has already been providing quality control instruments to more than 36 countries across the globe. centers in Asia, Africa, Europe, Canada, Central America and United States. The group is now focusing on expanding its global operations in a systematic way.

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