Why Paramount?

"We help Companies Around the GLOBE in Setting Fine Quality Control Labs"

Pioneers & Leaders

We are the PIONEERS and LEADERS in the Textile Testing and Quality Control Industry not only in India, but whole of Asia. Many Equipments were introduced in India for the first time by PARAMOUNT. Paramount has a large Portfolio of more than 180 products matching all international standards and specifications  which also makes us the Biggest Manufacturer of Testing Instruments in INDIA.

International Standards

We strongly believe in working with International Systems! Our products match the best in the world meeting all International standards like AATCC, ISO, BS, ASTM etc. The Only Testing Instruments Manufacturer to be awarded Both Certifications of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

Global & Domestic Outreach

More than 85% of the Buying Houses operating in India use PARAMOUNT Testing Equipment. 90 of the TOP 100 Exporters in India have ONLY PARAMOUNT Q.C. Labs. We have set up more than 4500 Q.C. Labs and have done more than 38000 installations of our instruments in India and in more than 45 countries around the globe.

Strong Network

The national market is catered directly through a Strong Dealers  Network  present at all the major cities in INDIA. The Export Departmenttakes care of the international markets directly and in close co-ordination with ourInternational Associates.

Life Long Buy-Back Warranty

We provide Life Long Buy Back Warranty  on all the instruments ,this  means that at any point of time if you wish to upgrade your product/return back the instruments, we are always open for it.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our dedicated Customer Care Department along with our Service Engineers takes care of installation, demonstration, training, technical support, in-house repairs, spare parts, AMS contracts, calibration and certification,etc. Facing any problem? They are just a call away!