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At PARAMOUNT We not only produce Testing Instruments, We Manufacture PEACE of MIND !


We at PARAMOUNT take great pride in designing each of our product with the goal of providing the highest accuracy, in regard to the International standards, against which each of our Equipment has to validate.  We strive to produce Consistent and Repeatable results from our each Equipment.  In addition, we use only the highest quality parts and components to ensure the reliability and long life of our each Equipment.  

When you purchase any PARAMOUNT product, we encourage you to compare it to competitive products for its Quality and Consistency of the Results.  We believe that this process will enhance your appreciation of the Paramount Equipment you Select.

At PARAMOUNT we do not produce  Testing Equipment, we manufacture  PEACE of MIND.  IF at any time, you feel that you are not satisfied with any of our products, please feel free to give us a call to return our product.  And we will be happy to return your money  after depreciation.  This is the Warranty we give with each of our Equipment and proudly declare that with PARAMOUNT you are always in Safe Hands.  Our reputation rests on our steadfast pursuit of this policy of providing Complete PEACE  of MIND. 

 Best Wishes from all of at PARAMOUNT, for many years of trouble-free operations with each PARAMOUNT Equipment.



Textile Testing Solutions by PARAMOUNT


Your Ultimate Source for Garment Testing, Fabric Testing and Yarn Testing Instruments, in short , we have Complete Range of Textile Testing Instruments.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 Company specializing in setting In-house Testing labs Since 1964.

We also specialize in Lab (Sample) Dyeing Machines, Fabric Inspection Machines, Needle Detection Machines, Swatch Cutting Machines, Optical Tools, Quality Consumables. We have specialization in Colour Matching Cabinets (Booths) of various sizes.

In short, Paramount offers Textile testing, measuring, inspection, checking machines, equipments and instruments worldwide.

You may click on any product category in the left to further see the products like Fabric Testing Instruments or Swatch Cutting Machines and so on.


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